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Group Health Insurance in Jacksonville, FL

Are you looking for a cost-effective way to maintain a high morale among employees and keep them in great health? When you turn to Alliance & Associates Commercial Insurance Agency, you’ll find unique, affordable health insurance plans that are sure to suit the needs of current and future employees.

Since 1991, we’ve helped many local businesses obtain cost-effective health insurance plans to help keep their employees’ health in great standing. Make our group health insurance in Jacksonville, FL, a part of your benefits package and see all of the options you and your employees can take advantage of first hand.

Business People in Jacksonville, FL

Learn More About Group Health Plans

As a business owner, you’re probably familiar with employer sponsored health insurance. However, you might be unfamiliar with how they work or the number of benefits that come from choosing one for your company. Get acquainted with our dynamic group health plans and determine which of our options best fits your business when you turn to our knowledgeable insurance agents.

Group healthcare plans are insurance policies purchased by an employer that are offered to eligible employees as a benefit of working for your company. They allow multiple employees, and in some cases, their family members, to take advantage of accurate, effective, and efficient medical treatment at special discounted rates. When considering employee contributions, the risk is generally lower with these types of health plans, allowing you and your employees to secure better coverage at lower rates.

Group health plans also make it significantly easier to budget. Health insurance is considered a business expense. As such, you, the business owner, can claim your coverage on your business’s taxes during tax season. In addition, offering health insurance for your employees is an ideal way to show them that they are valued members of the team. Offering that investment up front is a great way to make your business more attractive to prospective employees as well.

Offering Health Plans for Small Businesses & Organizations

Opting for group health coverage is a great benefit for small, upstart businesses. They allow owners and employees alike to save money while also ensuring that each team member has the tools they need to maintain their health.

Our group health plans, however, are more than just business tools. We are proud to offer coverage options to a number of small organizations, including churches, trade associations and other interest groups. However, we do have a few preliminary requirements that all interested parties must meet in order to apply. We require that your employer or interest group consists of at least five or more members. To determine your group’s eligibility, reach out to our specialists today.

Contact our agents today to explore all of the group health insurance options available to you. We proudly serve local businesses and interest groups throughout Jacksonville, Florida.