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Commercial Business Insurance in Florida

Disasters can never be planned on or accounted for. In the moment when an unexpected disaster jeopardizes your life's work, your business, make sure that your hard work and hard-earned money aren't wasted! With a commercial business package for your Jacksonville business, you can ensure that you and your business are prepared to maintain a certain level of security. Alliance & Associates Commercial Insurance Agency provides Jacksonville and the surrounding areas with business insurance policies that meet the liability needs of every business.

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Business Insurance in Florida

Connect American Commercial Insurance Agency offers Jacksonville commercial business packages that are able to combine the protection and coverage of all major liability and property threats into one package. Combing the insurance policies is often more affordable than paying the costs of premiums for separate insurance policies that cover individual risks.

Commercial Business Packages in Florida

We offer commercial business insurance in Tampa, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers, Atlanta, Charlotte, Palm Coast, Palatka, and all points in between, also.

What Does a Florida Commercial Business Package Cover?

A commercial package policy includes two or more lines of insurance coverage, and combines them into one policy. Alliance & Associates Commercial Insurance Agency even allows you to customize your Jacksonville business's commercial business package to meet the specific and unique risks your company faces. The following are some of the insurance lines that are covered under a business insurance package:

  • Commercial Property Coverage — Whether you are leasing a property or own your own building, property insurance covers your real property, which is the physical structure that you conduct your business out of. Improvements to the real property, known as business personal property, and inventory exposures are also covered by this commercial package policy.
  • Commercial General Liability Cover — This coverage provides a line of defense against a wide range of claims related to alleged negligence or wrongdoing, guaranteeing protection for your business and your assets.

  • Commercial Automobile — All of the vehicles you own and operate in the course of business will be protected by the inclusion of commercial auto insurance.

Depending on the needs of your business, Alliance & Associates Commercial Insurance Agency can determine if adjustments need to be made to the levels of coverage for any of the previously listed lines of insurance, guaranteeing that every aspect of your business is protected.

To learn more about insuring your Jacksonville, Palm Coast, Lake City, Palatka, Gainesville, Orlando, or Tampa, FL business with a commercial business package provided by Alliance & Associates Commercial Insurance Agency, contact us or call (904) 494-8898 today!